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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

I love 'yes or no' questions. You know why? Because the cards usually don't answer them.

I started reading cards in High School...yeah, so I wasn't strange or anything. My day consisted of choir, theater, and swim practice. Can you tell I was the most popular girl in school. (Sense my sarcasm?) Being so socially accepted, I'm sure you can imagine what my burning questions were during my adolescence, and if you can't here's an example:


"Am I gonna get an A in Spanish?"

"Does Blake like me?"

"Will I win the swim meet?"

You know, I could almost hear those cards laughing. Instead of a clear cut answer the read would go something like this:


"Well, you're asking IF you're gonna get an A. You are doubting yourself, so ask for help, or get a tutor. Then you'll get an A, and learn something new in the process, like how to believe in yourself, and ask for help."

"You want Blake to like you? Do you hang out where he is? Do you have the same hobbies? Does he know your name? Do you even know him? How can you get to know him? Join the same club he's in, or find a way to interact with him."

"Honestly, girl. Do you even wanna swim?"

It's really hard to get a 'yes or no' questions out of the cards.

The cards were giving me answers, but not the answers I was expecting to hear, nor did I want accept. This is so hard to take in, especially when we want those immediate answers.

As I look back...

at my over-weight, and over-hormoned years, I remember stumbling upon a small tarot card instructional book. The book stated that in order to answer a 'yes or no' question, pull a card, and if the card is right side up the answer is 'yes,' and if it's turned downwards the answer is 'no.' Do you know how many times I did a pull? And how many times I would keep going until I found the answer I wanted? It's like flipping a coin! You have fifty-fifty odd's on your question. No wonder I never went to prom! (Insert small violin solo)

Alas, as I've grown older and become a better card reader I sympathize with those 'yes or no' questions. Sometimes, we still have to ask! And I don't put rules on any reading. I want you to be able to feel comfortable asking the cards anything you need to guidance for-- a reading is like a pair of jeans. One size does not fit all. If you ask a 'yes or no' question sometimes I will get a clear answer, however, the odd's are still going to be fifty-fifty. It's just math. If you ask me about getting a job, and I can see the answer will be most likely 'yes,' I will ask the cards what can we do to give it that extra push? What can you do to propell you into that great new job? The opportunity for the job is there, and it's real, so how can we make that opportunity turn out for your greater good?

We need to remember that the cards are here to guide us,

and to show us our higher purpose in life. They are here to validate what we already know about our situation, and to shine light on what we are questioning, and why were are questioning in the first place. They are here for soul validation, and to encourage us to find out 'why' you want Blake to like you, as apposed to 'if' he likes you-ah, High School.


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