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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Death, Five of Cups, The Tower, Ten of Swards, and the Devil are known as some of the 'scary' cards in the deck. However, these cards can actually be some of the best cards to pull. When we pull them, it allows us to shine the light on your stressors or fears. And what does light do to fear? It heals it!

Of the cards listed above possibly the scariest of them all is...

“Dun dun dun"


The death card gets such a bad rap! Poor little death card. Whether you have received numerous readings, or if you are just beginning your Tarot journey, one of the first things to take note of, is that, the cards can not tell you when you are going to die. Again, the cards can not predict your death! The time you decide to transition into spirit is an agreement between you and your higher self. Your spirit is here to learn, grow, and enjoy the human experience. Once we have experienced all we need to, our spirits will transition. And once we transition, we will continue to learn, and grow!

In death- we transform from the physical body into a spirit body, and so means The Death card. If, and when, this card pops up in your spread it means you will be completely transitioning out of the old, and into the new! We can either take this literally, or spiritually. It is a renewing or transitioning for your life!

In my opinion, the Death is a great card to pull. I'm excited when I see this card for a client. It tells me that you are ready to end one cycle, and move to another, without looking back! Depending on what other cards fall around it in the spread, it can mean you are transitioning to a new job, new relationship, or ready to put something to bed--for good! It is a confirmation that you are ready to move on, and breath new life into your journey! 

Death, Five of Cups, The Tower, Ten of Swards, and the Devil...

are only a reflection of our patterns, thoughts, and behaviors that may be clouding our spirit. They help us understand how we can heal doubts, and bring ourselves through to the other side. When we acknowledge these fears- they are no longer a part of our being. We can see them as separate, and when we acknowledge that our fears are not us, the healing can begin!


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